A story written by zzzthrakon.
Illustration by Theo Blaze.

Chapter 5

Again, I was awakened by a hard cock inside my hole. Someone was fucking me. It was Chet. He had his loincloth over his neck and bare-chested and naked with his hard cock inside my hole.

I saw Sud, Kit, Lamon and Thong Di. They were also inside Master’s house. They were dressed in board shorts and mostly in t-shirts while Lamon was in a sleeveless t-shirt and Sud was in a singlet.

Each one took his turn to use my hole. They simply dropped their board shorts and sprung out their hard cock. They did not wear underwear under their board shorts. Others played with my caged dick and stretched balls and some kissed me and played my nipples while one was fucking me. They did not have to ask for permission to play me. They just manhandled me in whatever position they wanted and shoved their hard cock inside my hole. I was truly a sex slave and I was happy and at peace with precums continuously leaking from my caged dick.

While I was being used, the sound of a vehicle approached the house. They all stopped playing me and dressed up to greet Master Chuachai and young Master Aat.

Master told me that all of us were going to town while he was unlocking my chain.

After Master had change to board shorts and t-shirt, we were ready to go to town which was one hour drive from the village. Only Chet, Aat and I were dressed in loincloth without shirt.

Master was driving and Sud and Kit were sitting in the front seats. The remaining five of us were at the back of the small pick up truck. The large light blue fiber-glass container was also on the truck with some plastic bowls. The container was filled full with water at the washing point.

We had a fun time at the town. People were splashing water at us and we were splashing water at them. Everyone was wet. Some people even used a hose to run water on us as our truck passed along their shop houses. Lamon was the loudest and he kept playing Aat’s large dick which shown vividly because his loincloth was soaking wet. Aat’s dick was the largest among the boys. All our clothes and loincloths were soaking wet.

After we had vegetarian rice noodle for lunch at a temple, we went to a park where there was a carnival but it was not open yet. So, we rested nearby on the grass patch under a big tree. I was allowed to nap together with the boys while Master was away. He put Aat in charge of us. But he was being disturbed by the tall and muscular Chet and the loud Lamon. They held Aat down and stripped him out of his loincloth. They used Aat’s loincloth to tie his hands behind his back. Aat was no match as they all ganged up on him. Lamon teased Aat’s big cock and ruined his orgasm. It was fun to watch them played Aat. I was not spared. Lamon made me sat on Aat’s huge cock so as to hide it from the public view. They did not strip my loincloth. It was still around my waist but the back was lifted up to expose my hole for Aat’s cock. I was embarrassed to have a huge cock in my hole at the park as there were many people.

By the time Master came back, the carnival was opened. They quickly untied Aat and let him put on his loincloth.

There were all kinds of traditional food and drinks. There was a stage where there were traditional performances. They had the Thai ladies dance and the loincloth-clad young male drummers dance. After that the party went wild with Thai pop music and song. Water was splashing and everyone was wet again. We had so much fun. Before going back to the village, Master treated us with a sumptuous dinner. We had rice and barbeque chicken and pig tails.

There was no “balls training” for me that night. It was late at night. All three of us slept on the large wooden bed. For the first time, I was not chained up. All of us slept naked that night. I secretly played Aat’s dick. Master saw me but he did not say anything.

On Friday, we slept in late in the morning as it was still a holiday. When I woke up, only Aat and I were on the bed. Master was not in the house. Aat and I played around on bed. I liked to hold Aat’s dick and balls because they were large.

I was surprised that Aat wanted me to beat his dick and balls with a wooden stick. He did not speak English. He spoke in Thai and used hand gestures to make me understand him. He was moaning as I beat his balls with the wooden stick. (The stick that shape like a ruler and the same one that Master used on us when punishing us.) Then, he wanted it kinky by gathering his two own loincloths, my loincloth, and one of Master’s loincloths and some ropes and gestured me to tie his hands to the bed. But before I tied his hands, he speedily used my loincloth to tie his cock and balls. Then, he used his own two loincloths to gag himself and blindfold himself. And, he used Master’s loincloth to completely wrap his head. Finally, he gave his hands to me to tie them with ropes.

It was hot to see Aat naked and tied up. His 18 cm hard cock was dripping precums as I beat his large balls. His slim body squirmed in ecstasy and he moaned through the loincloth gag. He could not wait for my wooden stick to beat his balls as he constantly lifted his hips to meet my blow. His moaning was getting more and more sexy. It was slutty. All of sudden, geyser of cums continuously erupted from his 18 cm hard cock for as long as half a minutes.

I stopped the beating and quickly sucked his cock off the remaining cums and licked all his cums from his slim body. I cleaned his body eagerly as it was the first time I got to eat young Master Aat’s cums. Other times, his cums were shot inside my hole.

Aat was struggling for real after he had cummed and wanted me to untie him impatiently. But I played with his soft sensitive dick for as long as I wanted making him screamed through his loincloth gag. I even took advantage of the situation and played breath control on him by covering his already loincloth wrapped head with my hand over his nose. It was so hot to see Aat’s naked body struggling for his breath under my mercy.

As I was about had enough playing Aat and wanted to untie his hands, I noticed his dick was hard again. His cock and balls were still tied with my loincloth and his cock was throbbing hard. I guessed my breath control play had made him hard again. I quickly took another Master’s loincloth to wrap Aat’s head over his already loincloth wrapped head. His head was doubly wrapped and he was breathing a bit heavily. And, I jerked his hard cock vigorously as he struggles. Again, he shot his cums in the air and landed on his body. His large set of balls really served him well.

After Aat shot his second load of cums, he laid pretty still and only panting for air. Quickly, the two loincloths were unwrapped from his head. I also removed his loincloth blindfold and gag and untied his hands.

Aat sat himself up and stared at me with his beautiful eyes. I was afraid that he was going to punch me as he raised his arms but he moved forward and gave me a big hug. He spoke in Thai which I did not understand. It did not matter as he hugged me as if his life depended on it.

We quickly tidy up the bed and made sure Master’s loincloths were not stained with cums and waited for Master to return.

Master came back with food and we ate. The rest of the day was relaxing. We napped after food.

In the evening, the whole gang of boys from the brick factory came to Master’s house. They brought along a straw basket of rose apples (wax apples), a pail of seasoned chickens for barbeque, and two buckets of beers.

We had barbeque and beers and fruit. It was fun although I did not understand their language. All the boys made sure I had enough to eat and drink. Then, it was game time. Lamon removed my loincloth and used it to blindfold me. Master Chuachai explained the game to me in simple English. I was to guess who fuck me. I thought it was a fun game because I got to be fucked by everyone again.

A large cock pushed inside my hole slowly and fucked me. I said it was Aat. But they said I was wrong. And, I was forced to drink beer as a punishment. Then, a hard and strong cock was shoved inside my hole. I said it was Sud. But they said I was wronged again. Then, someone spoke loudly and girly inserted something hard in my hole. I said it was Lamon but I was wronged again. Again and again, I was wronged, and, I was forced to drink a lot of beers until I was so drunk I did not know who or what was in my hole. I did not know what was going on any more. I only knew my legs were raised up and thing was in my hole.

The next morning when I woke up, I was still blindfolded by my loincloth. I felt something in my hole. It was uncomfortable. I removed my loincloth blindfold and the morning light flooded my eyes. I saw the other boys were also sleeping together with me on the large wooden platform outside Master’s house. Four of us were on it. Master and Aat were in the house, I guessed. I was lying on Chet and Lamon was lying on me holding on to my soft dick. Yes, my dick was free! The chastity cage and harness were gone! The ball stretchers were gone!

Sud was on the platform but I did not see Kit or Thong Di anywhere. I guessed they walked back to their sheds.

It was Saturday. I would be going home on Sunday afternoon. Master Chuachai unlocked my dick one day ahead. I was so happy to be able to see and touch my dick again after 6 days even though it was a soft dick. It did not get hard.

Next, I reached down and found a beer bottle inserted half way in my hole. I pulled it out slowly. But I still felt uncomfortable inside my hole. I went to the toilet and squatted down and pushed the thing out. My cock was momentarily hard for a second when I pushed the thing out of my hole. It was a rose apple! Someone had inserted a rose apple inside my hole last night when I was dead drunk.

I was so tempted to jerk off in the toilet. I thought I better seek Master permission. I washed up my hole after poohing and washed again at the washing point. I saw Master came out of the house wearing only his loincloth. I ran up to Master and gave him a big hug. Master hugged me back.

Master said we were going to town in the evening for the last day of the festive celebration. The boys went back to their sheds and were told to meet at Master’s house in the evening.

Master took me in his house and fucked me. His fucking woke up Aat and he also fucked me after Master had cummed inside my hole. My dick was soft all the time until Aat changed to missionary position with him on top and me lying on my back and both of my legs up in the air. The penetration was deep. Aat’s 18 cm hard cock thrust deep inside my hole. My cock got hard. Master grabbed my hard cock and stroked it while Aat fucked me. I was in heaven and moaned and shot all my cums on my body. On seeing that I have cummed, Aat also cummed. He cummed inside my hole. We washed up and I slept some more on the bed inside the house.

Chapter 6

Evening came and we were all loaded up on the truck. Master drove the truck. Aat and Chet were on a motorbike. At the town, Master treated us to barbecue fish and barbecue pork chops and we had fun splashing water at the carnival accompanied by some traditional Thai swords performance and Muay Thai performance which were followed by the usual Thai pop songs.

It was very crowded. There was a group of boys who were splashing water at us and they targeted me a lot. They even surrounded me and put ice cubes in my loincloth. While I was trying to remove the ice cubes from my loincloth, they took the opportunity to strip off my loincloth. Next, they took turns to grab my dick and balls until Aat, Lamon and Chet came to my rescue. The muscular Chet asked them for my loincloth back and gave it back to me. I was totally naked in the crowd before I had a chance to wear my loincloth properly. While I was wearing my loincloth, I felt hands grabbing my butts and my dick. One of those hands was Lamon’s. It was all in good fun.

By 11 o’clock, the event was over, Master asked Aat to drive the truck and the boys back to the village while Master and I took the motorbike and spent the night in town so that we did not need to do the one hour drive again in the morning. Everyone came to bid farewell with me. I could see Aat was already missing me. We held onto each other arms for the longest time.

After the boys left, Master took me on his motorbike to a karaoke bar. We went in by the back door. Once we were inside, Master removed my loincloth and left me naked in the bar. He then used my loincloth to fashion a head band on my head. Not knowing what was happening, I obediently let master prepared me for it. Through the reflection from the mirror walls inside the bar, I saw myself and I looked like a naked farm boy. There was loud Thai song playing but no one was singing in the karaoke bar. Most of the patrons were dressed in shirt and pants. In the dim light, I saw other boys about same age as me who were also naked and with a loincloth head band. A few were dancing to the beat of the song. One was on his knees and looked like sucking a man cock sticking out of his unzipped pants. A few naked boys were seated with the fully clothed patrons.

Without saying anything, Master let the host took me by my wrist and I was led around for the men who were sitting in the lounge for their viewing. They grabbed my butts and my dick and my low hanging balls as I was led along by the host. I was stopped by a man. He unzipped his pants and let out his cock. The host told me to suck it. As an obedient slave, I knelt down and sucked his cock until he put some money in my loincloth head band. Then, the host continued to lead me around the bar for all to see my naked body. After that, I was left standing in the centre among other naked boys for the men to view.

After some time, one man waved at me. I looked for Master but he was no where to be seen. Then, the host came and led me to the man. The man paid the host some money and the host gave him a condom. The man brought me to a cubicle behind the seats and fucked me. There was no door. Any one could see us though the light was dimmer in the cubicle.

I was fucked by four men separately. Actually, it was three because one was too drunk to have a hard cock but he needed to pay once he took the condom. Besides, the tips I received after each fuck, I also collected tips from sucking cocks and seating with the patrons. I spent the night as a sex slave and all the money collected by the host and by me went to Master. Master gave the host some share of the total money and a favor.

When the karaoke closed at 2 o’clock in the morning, the host closed the bar and brought me upstairs. Master told me to go with him and then he left. The host led me to his room to use me. I guessed it was for payment to the entrance of the karaoke bar that Master had promised him.

After wash up, the host wanted me out of his room and to sleep together with the waiter in the other room. He spoke a little English. He said Chuachai would collect me in noon time.

The host tied my wrists together in front of me with my loincloth and brought me to the waiter’s room. I saw the waiter in the bar earlier serving beers to the patrons. He was only wearing a white underwear in his room and was about to sleep. He looked great with a very nice ripped body with six pack abs. He allowed me to share the mattress on the floor with him to sleep. He did not use me which I thought he would. He even untied me and we went to sleep as I was tired after the day of fun and serving the patrons at the bar.

In the morning, I saw the waiter’s hard cock made a huge tent in his white underwear. He saw it and tried to bring it down but his hard cock sprang back up. His very hard cock seemed to be hurting him and he pulled his underwear down to expose his hard cock and started stroking it vigorously. He had a long and slender cock like a wooden pole.

In trying to thank him for sharing his mattress with me, I leaned forward and wanted to suck his yummy cock but he gently pushed me away. He screamed when his cums shot out and landed on his body. Again, I leaned forward to lick his cums from his body. Again, he pushed me away. He used my loincloth to wipe his cums from his ripped body. It was a waste to see his yummy cums wiped away. I leaned forward again trying to clean his still hard cock with my mouth. But he gently pulled me out of the room and tied my wrists together with my loincloth to the wood stair railing. He left me outside the corridor. I watched him walked back to his room totally naked. Nothing to do, I tried to jerk off but I could not reach my cock. I stayed there until the host woke up and found me. The host ordered me to suck his cock until he cummed. I did everything like an obedient slave. He was satisfied.

I tried to jerk off but the host ordered me to put on my loincloth and to follow him. The happy host took me out to have breakfast. I went out with him in only my loincloth. We had rice noodle soup at the market. People at the market were looking at me more as I was the only boy in loincloth. Everyone wore clothes. I felt embarrassed as I was the only one in loincloth in the town market and I remembered I was fully clothed when I arrived at the town market seven days back. I was completely transformed to a tan loincloth-clad farm boy from the village by my Master.

A European tourist came up to us and asked the host to take a photo of him and me together. He stood very close to me and caressed my loinclothed butt before holding by my waist closely for the photo taking.

We met Master Chuachai on the way back to the bar and the host gave me back to Master. Master took me to the bus terminal on this motorbike. At the bus terminal, he returned my belongings to me. I gave Master my expensive underwear in exchange for the worn and torn loincloth that I was still wearing. I had already gotten quite fond of my loincloth. I wore it under my clothes. I asked Master to give my underwear to Aat.

I took the bus back to the city. It was a two hours bus journey. I took a taxi to the airport instead of waiting for the train. I checked into the business class lounge to have my chocolate cake that I missed so much. On the business class seat, I was served like a prince by a handsome air steward but under my pants I was wearing a worn loincloth and inside me I was a slave.

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