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Chapter 7


“Luke. Come to bkk. Be slave.”

That was the short message I received via handphone after many months of no contact from Master Chuachai. That was what they affectionately called me. “Luke” means baby. I was their baby and they took care of me. They clothed me in their diaper-like traditional loincloth called Pakawma. They fed me whatever they have to eat. They have fun with me and made my hole very happy. That was a memorable and a wild trip.

After communicating via short messages, I understood that I would be sold away by Master Chuachai once I arrived at the city. My cock was hard throughout the night. It made me difficult to sleep. I was tossing and turning in my queen size bed deciding whether to take Master Chuachai’s offer or not as it was my birthday week.

It was Friday. Master Chuachai must have put a spell on me during my precious trip. I arrived at the city via an early morning flight. I reached the bus depot by taxi from the airport. Master’s instruction was to wait for him and not to buy any bus ticket.

Master Chuachai came and picked me up. We were not travelling by bus but on Master’s motorbike. In less than twenty minutes, we arrived at a back alley. Master parked his motorbike near a door. He seemed to be rushing and almost knocked down the rubbish bin.

The door was not locked and we went into a backyard. Master called for the owner. We were greeted by a man in his forties. Then, Master ordered me to strip myself and put all my belongings in a plastic bag he was holding. But I was distracted by the cloth lines on the right side of the backyard. Besides towels and underwear, there were loincloths hanging on the cloth lines. The loincloths were colorful in contrast with the white towels and white underwear. I had developed a loincloth fetish after the previous trip. I also had underwear fetish to begin with.

Master repeated his order. I hesitated because we were standing inside a roofless backyard. People from the surrounding building could see me naked. On top of that, I had to strip myself naked in front of a stranger.

I noticed Master was impatiently annoyed so I quickly stripped myself naked and put all my belongings in his plastic bag. I covered my semi hard dick with my hands but Master put my hands behind my back. I was embarrassed as my dick was growing bigger. My semi hard dick grew to a full hard cock of 15 cm length as the man came forward to inspect my slim 56 kg body. I could not control my dick.

Hands behind my back, I stood still totally naked looking down at the backyard tiles. I felt so small standing at 1.73 meters which was taller than the stranger. I was smooth and hairless as instructed by Master. I had my pubic hairs and armpit hairs waxed a couple of days before I left home.

Humiliatingly, the man who would be my new owner treated me like a pet dog as he inspected my body. He opened my mouth with his hand and looked at my teeth and poked his finger into my mouth. I saw him smiling as he lifted my face. He seemed very happy with what he was looking at. He touched my nipples and pinched them making me groaned a little. He caressed my 68 cm waist and my abs. Well, not six pack but at least four pack. He fondled my hairless low hanging balls. He held my fully erected 15 cm hairless cock and gave it a few strokes enough to make me moaned and bent my body down. He pushed my head down as I bent my body and lifted my ass up and caressed my smooth butt crack as he inspected my ass with his hands.

Leaving me in that humiliating position, they spoke for a couple of minutes. With my head down between my legs, I saw my new owner gave some brown color banknotes to Master. Next, I was led indoors by my new owner into a pantry while Master took the money and left in a hurry.

Inside the pantry, the sound of Master’s motorbike slowly ceased. I was down as the meeting with Master Chuachai was brief. I felt lost suddenly as I was totally naked with nothing belonged to me under a new owner in a new place. My dick had become soft.

My owner was at ease with a naked boy in his house. I soon found out why as he called someone by the name of A-wut. I heard a youngish male voice answering, “Chai, Pa.” He called him Pa. It means father. We were all Pa’s boys although we were in our twenties.

For a brief moment, I looked around the pantry. It had a washing basin, a water cooler and a washing machine and a table in the middle and some stools. My scanning eyes landed on A-wut. He was a tall (1.8 meters) and athletically built handsome guy in his early twenties. Surprisingly, he was totally naked like me. His naked body was much fairer than me. His cute 10 cm dick was not hard and dangling loose between his legs. His balls were big. His 70 kg body was smooth everywhere else except for a small pubic bush. He seemed to be wakened up from his sleep with a set of messy hairs.

A-wut and Pa spoke. His voice was sweet and mellow. Pa beat my low hanging balls to get my attention as I was staring at A-wut from the minute he appeared in the pantry. A-wut smiled and took my thin wrist and led me into the house. I saw wooden lockers on my left and right along two adjacent walls. The other two adjacent walls had mirrors and I saw the reflection of both of us naked in the mirrors. It was a gym room with a large couch and one bench press and dumbbells on the floor.

A-wut caught me staring at him in the mirrors; he mischievously led me by my low hanging balls. We walked through a short passage between the row of lockers and the large couch and turned left into a bathroom.

My first chore was washing the bathroom. It had two cubicles – one with a toilet bowl and the other with a squatting toilet. It also had a stainless steel urinal, a washing basin and an open shower area with two shower heads. After washing the bathroom, I mopped the tile flooring gym room as instructed by A-wut with my balls and dick dangling freely between my legs.

I tried to look for A-wut when I was done. I saw him went inside the house earlier. I went in to look for him. I was amazed that there was a bar counter on my left and on my right was a big space with a stage and rows of seats. I was even more amazed and dazed on seeing all the chains and leather bondage devices hanging above the stage until A-wut shouted my name loudly. My mind was wondering… was it a SM bar? My dick instinctively went from soft to hard.

When I went to him, he put a rag in my hand for me to wipe the seats while he continued to mop the floor. He teased my hard cock before letting my hand go. I was happy to be teased by the handsome A-wut. He cheered me up. I was lost and down. The sight of him and his gentle personality made me forgotten Master Chuachai.

My cock went soft when doing boring chores. When we were done, we went back to the pantry. A-wut gave me the job to mop the pantry floor while he went out to wash the backyard. I came by the laundry basket. It had used towels in it. I also found used underwear and loincloths. They were all white in color except for the colorful loincloths. I took the used underwear from the basket and smelled it. The scent from the previous user was still strong and it aroused me very much. I took another piece of underwear and sniffed it. I was so horny and aroused by the scent that I took a third piece of underwear to wrap over my hard cock and began to stroke it. The underwear was wet with my precums. I almost cummed when A-wut shouted for me. I could see him through the pantry window. I hoped he did not see what I was doing.

I quickly dropped the underwear back into the laundry basket and went out to the backyard. I found A-wut showering at the corner of the backyard under the sun. There was an open air shower point at the corner which I did not notice earlier. He waved at me to join him.

The sight of the naked A-wut made me forgotten I was walking totally naked with a hard cock in the roofless backyard which I found to be embarrassing hours ago.

It was nice showering in open air. He showered me like a baby. He was again mischievous and played with my hard cock. I like it so much that I did not care about being seen naked. I became bold and touched A-wut. He let me touched him. I became bolder and stroked his dick but his 10 cm soft dick remained soft. A-wut gently stopped me and he grabbed a loincloth from the cloth lines nearby and dried me and then himself. Then, he hanged the loincloth back on the cloth line to dry. Next, he took one of the white underwear and wore it. He took one for me. We were both in white underwear as we went indoors to the pantry.

Something smelled good in the pantry as I was hungry. It was our lunch in Styrofoam box that Pa bought for us. Pa and A-wut were chatting. I just looked and smiled and ate my lunch. I secretly looked at A-wut’s bulge white underwear as he was sitting next to me.

After lunch, A-wut cleared the table and threw Styrofoam boxes into the rubbish bin at the alley. Then, he came back to the pantry and he dropped all the used towels, loincloths and underwear into the top loading washing machine and set the washing cycle going.

We went inside the house. Pa went upstairs. A-wut led me to the gym room to nap with him on the large couch. The couch was without backrest or armrest and it was larger than a single size bed. He had the cold air conditioning switched on and he removed his underwear. He also pulled down my underwear and removed it as he pushed me to lie on the couch. I thought he was going to fuck me. I would love for A-wut to fuck me but he did not. He lay down beside me and spooned me as we nap. It was a consolation with his soft dick pushing onto my butt crack. I guessed A-wut like to sleep naked.

I was tired from my early morning flight and all the chores. I did thought about what was going to happen to me being sold to a SM bar but I soon dozed off to sleep in A-wut’s warm arms.

When I woke up, it was after three o’clock in the afternoon. There was a big clock in the gym room. A-wut was not in the gym room. By then, I was quite comfortable being naked in the house. I went into the bar to look for A-wut. There was no one there. I took the opportunity to go up the stage to have a closer look. I touched the chains and the leather bondage restraints hanging down from the shiny stainless steel bars above me. The bondage stuffs excited me and my cock started to get hard. I began to stroke my hard cock as I smelled the leather restraints until I heard the sound of footsteps coming down from upstairs. I quickly ran out.

I found A-wut hanging the fresh laundry on the cloth lines. He was good to look at and he was wearing nothing but only a loincloth. I was so aroused by the sight of him and I was stroking my hard cock.

Suddenly, I was shocked that a hand pulled my hand away from my hard cock. I jumped in fright. It was Pa! He whacked my low hanging balls with his hand which made me groaned in pain because his whack was harder than the previous one. A-wut laughed at me on seeing me being punished. Pa wanted to whack my balls some more but I blocked his rough hand with my hands. That was a big mistake!


Chapter 8

A-wut took my wrist and led me into the bar and up on the stage after Pa gave him some orders. I was restrained by my wrists with leather cuffs. My arms were spread out wide and high. I seemed to let A-wut did any thing to me submissively even though I did not know what was going to happen. Then, my legs were spread apart wide too and restrained by leather cuffs at my ankles. After being restrained standing spread-eagle and totally naked, I realized my balls were vulnerably exposed hanging low between my widely spread opened legs. I could guess what was going to happen next. I was right! Pa punished me for stroking my cock without his permission and for defying him.

For the first time after being sold, I was afraid. But when I saw myself bound spread-eagle in the mirrors, I saw a hard cock between my legs. I looked down and I saw my cock was indeed fully hard and erected. My mind and my cock’s mind were not synchronized.

I was getting more afraid when Pa held something black in his hand as he came nearer to me. He beat my balls with it. Although he used a Polyfoam stick to whack my low hanging balls, it was quite painful. It made me groaned and struggled. But my struggles were useless. I was helpless. I was not going anywhere and I could not escape from being punished and my poor balls could not avoid the smacks of Pa’s black Polyfoam stick.

My screams broke the silent in the bar. Pa did not let me rest, he rained blows after blows mercilessly on my balls until my legs went weak and my body hung by my wrists and I did not scream any more. From that moment, I would not dare defy Pa any more.

A-wut came up to me after Pa gave him more orders. He strapped a leather body harness on my heavily breathing body with cock ring around my semi hard dick. I was getting scared. Then, A-wut strapped a leather head harness on my head. I began to panic. I looked at A-wut frighteningly as he buckled the leather straps on my head. But A-wut’s face was smiling and pleasantly composed.

My dick went limp and floppily soft like a dead worm. Then, I heard the sounds of chains and I was hoisted up by chains that were hooked up to my body harness and head harness. I was floating in the air. The strains on my wrists were gone. I had no need to support myself with my jelly legs. My legs were hanging up in the air. So were my arms and my body and my head. The fear was overwhelming, I felt numbness around my tummy and my abs tensed up.

I was frighteningly tensed up. My balls were more exposed then before and they were easily accessed and vulnerable to more punishment in that new position. I looked at A-wut for help but he disappeared from my sight.

Then, I felt restraint on my low hanging balls. I felt my balls being pulled and stretched constantly by weights.

Pa walked up to me and looked down at my face holding that dreadful black Polyfoam stick. My head was at his groin level as I looked up to Pa with my pleading eyes. Then, he went to stand between my opened legs. His gentle tap on my stretched balls with the black Polyfoam stick made me jumped in shock. Within that one hour, I was trained and I learned my position as Pa’s slave.

My body shivered and I felt cold. The cold air conditioning was not helping. Then, I saw Pa went upstairs leaving me shivering and suspending in the air and my aching balls stretched by weights. I so regretted to have defied Pa.

A-wut came near me and held me with his warm arms and began to kiss me. I was beginning to feel at ease when we heard Pa’s voice. We were both shocked when Pa shouted some orders from upstairs. A-wut quickly broke away from our kiss. He went to work on my ass. I felt cold lubricant and his fingers in my hole. I felt good and aroused. In my mind I called for A-wut to fuck me but he only shifted my stretched balls aside and out of the way with one hand and continued to work on my hole using his other hand.

A-wut did not fuck me. He gently continued to work on my hole with his soft fingers. More and more fingers went in my hole. My hole welcomed his fingers and opened up for him. Suddenly, something big and hard was shoved in my hole. It was a large butt plug! I felt the large volume of the hard butt plug occupying inside my hole but I did not felt any pain. I guessed A-wut did a good job in making my hole opened for it.

Next, A-wut secured the plug in position with leather straps and buckled it tightly to my body harness. The butt plug made me very horny and A-wut was not helping. He teased and stroked my precums dripping hard cock playfully without letting me release my cums. Before he went away, he picked up some precums from my cock head with his finger and made me licked it.

I was left suspended in the leather bondage, balls stretched, hole plugged, naked and cock semi hard for hours as I could tell the time from the large luminous clock in the bar. It was almost eight o’clock in the evening. The butt plug had become part of me. My balls were used to being stretched. I guessed the weights were not heavy or I was already trained by Master Chuachai in my previous trip.

In the dark, I noticed someone came up the stage. He had the built of A-wut but more muscular. He fondled my semi hard cock, my stretched balls and my harnessed body. While he was examining my body, I noticed another person was on the stage. Both of them were in their white underwear and the same built. They chatted as if I was not there or they took me as a stage prop. Then, A-wut joined them on the stage and he was merrily chatting with them for some minutes before the three of them started to unbuckle the leather straps to release me.

After they removed all my restraints, they gently helped me to stand up. The one thing left on me, or rather, in me was the butt plug. I was shy and I felt embarrassed in the present of fresh people. A-wut introduced the boys who were also in their early twenties. They were Virote and Weera. Both were same built as A-wut but more muscular. Virote was tan and had many tattoos on his body. Although Weera was boyishly cute, my A-wut was still the best looking one.

A-wut took me by my wrist and brought me to the bathroom cubicle with the squatting toilet. He removed the butt plug and proceeded to douche my hole. Then, he showered me and dried me like a baby. I guessed A-wut was instructed by Pa to babysit me and to take care of me. He helped me to wear a worn and torn loincloth which reminded me of the previous trip and it made me felt like a slave.

When we came out of the bathroom, music and light had filled the place. It was no longer quiet. It was crowded with many slim and lean boys in their twenties. They were all in white underwear. They were looking at me and checking me out. One boy playfully hugged me while he was on his way out to the bar. They were all going up on the stage. Soon the gym room was emptied.

The douching made my legs weak. A-wut let me lay down and rested on the couch. It was nice to lie down on something solid after suspended for a few hours.

Suddenly, I was awakened by Pa spanking on my loincloth-clad butt. I must have dozed off in A-wut warm arms. I jumped up and waited for Pa’s order obediently.

Pa talked to A-wut briefly and A-wut seemed to know what to do. Virote and Weera were also in the gym room and they started to get to work on Pa’s orders. Virote gagged me with another loincloth he was holding in his hand. I was startled by it. Then, A-wut tied by wrists together with a thick rope and Weera blindfolded me with another loincloth.

I found out that it was our cue on the stage as I heard the announcement, “… and now the show begins…” with an entrance music coming from the bar. Bound, blindfolded and gagged, I was stunned and dazed for a minute on hearing so much clapping and cheering.

When I did not want to move myself, I was dragged into the bar by the three. I wanted to run away as I was scared by the loud cheering. I had never been on displayed naked wearing only a loincloth in the present of a large crowd in a city bar. I struggled to escape but my hands were tied and I was blindfolded and gagged. It was a hopeless situation. I felt hands grabbing me. I was no match against three pairs of strong hands after using all my strength. I was dragged up on the stage.

While I was breathing heavily and my heart was pounding fast, I felt restraints were put on my ankles and my legs were spread wide apart. My legs were bound! Then, my hands were untied and restraints were put on my wrists and my arms were also spread wide apart. I was bound in a standing spread-eagle position again! Being bound my leather restraints and chains; I quieted down as I knew the possibility of escaping was zero. There was applause from the patrons. I guessed it was for capturing and restraining a runaway slave.

Next, the three began to tease me and pulled on my loincloth. I tried to plead by shaking my head but my loincloth was stripped off eventually. Wolf whistles from the large crowd of patrons in the bar was heard.

Naked and bound spread-eagle, they teased my dick and low hanging balls. A hand pinched my nipples to make me groaned through the loincloth gag. It pinched my nipples with greater force to make me groaned louder. The patrons liked it as I heard more cheers. I resigned to the helpless situation that I was in thinking what could be worst as I was already naked and bound.

Then, patrons were invited to come up onto the stage to touch and fondle me for a tip. The thought of being molested by strangers frightened me. But I had no options. I felt hands on my body, nipples, dick and balls. My smooth and hairless dick got the most attention as it grew into a 15 cm hard cock from much teasing and stroking.

Next, I heard the dreadful sounds of the Polyfoam stick hitting on the steel bar and on the floor of the stage. I became very frightened of the sounds coming closer and closer to me. The first blow landed on my butt shockingly as I had no idea when it strike and where it strike. It made me jumped in my bond and screamed through my gag.

To my pleasant surprise, the blow was not painful at all although it made a loud whack sound. When my yells of pains were not as loud as the first blow, the next few blows were harder to make me screamed louder through my gag. The pains were bearable. Again, patrons were invited to come up onto the stage to smack my butt for a tip. My dick went soft from the beating.

Next, I felt a cock ring on my dick and straps on my body. My soft dick started to grow again after being handled and put in the cock ring. My blindfold and gag were removed by Weera and I could see many seated patrons and standing patrons in the bar under the dim lighting. It was a full house. I could see myself in the reflection of the mirrors. I was naked and bound spread-eagle and wearing only the leather body-harness which A-wut was doing the final buckle. A-wut continued to dress me with the leather head harness. Strapping on the leather harnesses gave me a breather. I realized that I was sold to a SM bar and I was the SM slave. I only wished no one in the patrons was someone I knew or who knew me and able to recognize me under the dim lighting. After the leather head harness was installed, I was confident that no one could see my face properly.

The SM show continued, a patron was invited to come up onto the stage to put nipples clamps on me. Weera invited the patron to put tip in a box that A-wut was holding before handling the clamps to him. He was a stocky man and he looked Japanese. The man gave my hard cock a strong grip and pinched my nipples hard making me groaned before clamping my nipples which made me groaned continuously in pain. The rest of the patrons gave the man applause for his sadistic attitude. In pain, I gazed at A-wut for help. But his job was to collect tip at the edge of the stage. I was helplessly abused for real in the show.

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