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A story written by zzzthrakon.
Illustration by Theo Blaze.

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Chapter 9

I was frightened when another patron was invited onto the stage to ball-gag my mouth and to blindfold my eyes. Thank goodness, the man was also invited to remove the clamps on my nipples. Then, I heard the familiar hoisting sounds of the chains. I was suspended in mid air as in the afternoon. My legs were raised up and opened wide apart. I was totally helpless being suspended, bound, gagged and blindfolded. I was scared in that vulnerable position. I was afraid that something bad was going to happen. A sudden loud whacking sound on the floor of the stage startled me and the SM began. I was whacked on my balls. It was not as painful as Pa’s Polyfoam stick. It made loud cracking sounds but delivered little force. It still made me groaned through my ball gag because I did not know when it hit me. The patrons went wild again with many cheers. Again, Patrons were invited to come up on stage to whack my nuts for a tip.

After some balls tortures, I was relieved to hear that the bar host was ending the event. But it was only for a short moment after he learned that there were two more patrons who had already paid the tip and was in the queue. Luckily, the whacking of my balls were made bearable as I felt a pair of warm hands holding my shaking head.

That event finally ended and I felt something cold was applied on my balls which felt real good. The hand continued to apply the cold stuffs on my ass and fingered my hole. I realized it was lubricant for my hole. The next thing that went in my hole was thick. It was also long in length and seemed to penetrate deep inside me. It made me moaned through my ball gag and wiggled in my bond. I heard the patrons went wild again with cheers. It proceeded to fuck my hole making me moaned and moaned through the ball-gag. I felt very good as I was in heaven floating in clouds.

Again, Patrons were invited to come up onto the stage to fuck my hole with that thick and long dildo for a tip. Blindfolded in the dark, I lost count of how many patrons came up to play my hole with the dildo. It was a high point of the show as I heard many footsteps on the stage.

Then, my leather blindfold and ball-gag were removed by Weera. I could see again but I was in a daze after being fucked by the dildo. I heard wolf whistles from the patrons as I saw Weera stripped away his white underwear. He was totally naked. His back was facing the patrons and his hard cock was facing me. He danced and moved his hard cock toward my hole and pushed it inside me easily and fucked me. I was very aroused and I wished someone would grab my wet cock and made me shoot my juices. My cock was wet with my precums.

After Weera fucked me, the patrons were brought to another high excitement as Virote also removed his underwear and fucked me. I had no complain as I was fucked by two hunks. The fucking by Virote and Weera were great and an added bonus for me.

The show came to an end when Virote fucking me ended. Then, the curtain closed. But I was not released from my bondage. I stayed bound behind the closed curtain. I saw silhouettes of boys dancing to the music on the other side of the curtain. I felt empty after all the excitement. My hole felt empty after all the fucking.

A moment later, a patron was guided on stage behind the closed curtain by Weera. He was a fat Caucasian in his middle age. The man unzipped his pants and Weera helped to put a condom over the man hard cock. He fucked me. I did not care as I was sexed up. His cock was not as hard compared to Virote and Weera but equally satisfying because my hole was hungry for anything that was in it. After him, two other patrons came and fucked me. They were friends and they took turns to fuck me while the other one watched. They sounded Chinese from Taiwan. I moaned in ecstasy.

I was kept bound until the music stopped and the bar closed and no more boys were dancing on stage. The boys had left. The lights were switched off. The place was quiet. I was quiet in my suspension like an object with an empty hole.

After a while, I was happy to see A-wut and I was alive again. He came and released me. He helped me to walk to the bathroom because my legs were weak from all the fucking. He showered me.

There was no one in the gym room or the pantry when we came out of the bathroom. Only Pa was at the pantry. Everyone was gone. Pa had bought us fried egg noodles and chicken wings. Pa was happy because I guessed he earned a lot of money. Before he went off and left us to enjoy our food, he reminded me not to stroke my dick.

Obediently, A-wut and I went to rest on the couch in the gym after our supper. Even though we were both naked, we did not do anything because I was exhausted after a long day. I slept very well considering that was my first day of slavery.

I woke up at noon the next day. I was surprised no one woke me up. I felt a strong urge to pee. I also found my dick straining hard. It was locked up in a metal cage! Habitually, I wanted to stroke my dick but I knew that was not possible while being locked in a chastity device.

I wanted to go to the bathroom to pee but I found my left ankle was chained to the couch. I called for A-wut. Instead, a boy came into the gym room from the bar. He had a mop in his hand. He was in his early twenties too, about my height and built, and naked too like me. He was not very good looking but was very sweet in manners.

As I was standing up, I noticed cums leaking down to my leg from my hole. Someone fucked me raw while I was sleeping! I wondered who? All the patrons wore condoms. Even Virote and Weera wore condoms.

The sweet boy was helpful. He got some toilet papers and helped me wiped my hole. He took a waste bin from the bathroom and let me pee in it and washed it for me.

After a while, Pa was back. He took another chain and chained my neck to my left ankle. The chain was very short and I had to keep my head down close to the floor all the time. I looked at Pa pleadingly but he only pat my head down before leaving the gym room.

I was chained and I could only kneel or squat on the floor. I felt uncomfortable in that position. But being chained up naked made me horny. My cock was straining hard inside the metal cage. I wanted to jerk off.

The gym room was empty after the sweet boy left when he finished cleaning. There was nothing. I ended up lying on my side with my body curled up to rest. After a few hours, my dick in the metal was not hard any more. My mind was wondering why I let Master Chuachai sold me to Pa. The thought of Master not coming back for me really scared me and made me struggled but the chains were pad locked. There was no escape. My mind went blank and I was not thinking any more.

In the late afternoon, the sweet cleaning boy came back with two friends. On seeing the three fully clothed boys approaching me, I felt humiliated being chained up naked like a dog. They chatted with each other and fondled me at the same time. I let them caressed me like a good dog. Then, they proceeded to strip naked. After putting their stuffs in their respective lockers, they came back and caressed me some more which got me sexually aroused. They took turns sitting on the floor and made me sucked their cock one by one. I sucked like an obedient sex slave. They turned me to lie on my back and raised my ass up in the air and fucked me. In that position, their hard cock penetrated deep inside my hole making me moaned. After the afternoon of nothingness, my hole welcomed their cocks and I was contented to have them used me. My cock was contented to leaking long string of precums onto my body.

While one of the boys was fucking, I was happy to see A-wut walking into the gym room. He was fully clothed. He looked good clothed. They greeted each other and chatted as if nothing happened. I guessed boys fucking in the gym room were a normal thing.

The boy stopped with his hard cock still inside my hole when Pa came in and gave some instruction to A-wut. I saw Pa handed some keys to him.

A-wut took the keys and proceeded to unlocked me from the chains while the boy continued to fuck me. A-wut did not unlock the metal chastity device. After the boy finished, A-wut helped me to dress in a tight fitting cut off jean shorts without underwear and a loose fitting white singlet.

We were out in the street on a busy Saturday evening. I have never worn so little when walking in the city streets. I was humiliated. I kept adjusting my cut off shorts to cover my metal chastity device making sure it would not stick out. A-wut was not helping. He playfully pulled my singlet up to expose my cut off shorts in full view to passersby.

A-wut took me to a nearby street food stall and bought me fried rice for dinner. I quickly chose the table near the wall so that I could hide my locked dick because when I sat down it stick out of my cut off shorts.

When I sat on the metal stool, I felt the cold metal on my hairless ass. Then, I realized the cut off shorts I was wearing had a big hole. A-wut laughed and teased me of my predicament.

After dinner, he took me to a barber shop. The barber gave me a very short crew haircut like students. A-wut also had the same style but with longer hairs.

When we went back to the SM bar, Pa inspected our haircuts and was happy with it because we looked like teenagers. He then unlocked my dick and removed the metal chastity device and gave some instructions to A-wut.

A-wut took me to the bathroom and douched my hole. I knew that he was preparing my hole for the night show. He washed my head and showered me and himself. There were more boys at the gym room in that evening. When we came out of the bathroom naked, a few boys playfully grabbed my dick when they passed me. I did not mind and I actually enjoyed the attention.

A-wut opened a locker and dressed himself like a student with blue shorts and white short sleeves shirt completed with white sock and shoes. He also dressed me the same. I noticed he let me wear white underwear while he did not wear any. With our new haircuts, both of us were transformed into students except A-wut was a bit too tall at 1.8 meter. Virote and Weera also arrived in same student uniforms and the same haircut. They looked like oversized students because they were more muscular than A-wut. Pa was happy that we were ready for the show.

A-wut, Virote and Weera were good friends and they chat and chat while sitting on the couch in the gym room. I just looked on and smiled as I did not understand the language. Other boys in the gym room were changing into theirs white underwear. Some were showering, some were doing weights, and a few were late and still eating their dinners at the pantry. When the bar music started, it was time for the boys to take their turns to dance on the stage. Every boy had a number tag pinned on their underwear for easy identification. The patrons seated at the bar only needed to tell the bar host which number they wanted to serve them.

Seeing all the underwear-clad boys made me subconsciously put my hand in my shorts and underwear and fondled my dick. I particularly like boy number 17. I recalled in my other visits to the city, I picked boy from go go bar and took him off to my hotel room and had his cock served my hole.

Suddenly, A-wut shouted, “Pa!”

Quickly, I removed my hand from my cock which was making a tent in my shorts. All three of them laughed at me. Again, the playful A-wut had teased me. Then, their attention was turned on me. Virote took a thick rope and tied my wrists together behind my back. Weera took a white handkerchief and cleave gagged me by pulling it between my teeth. They played me even before the show started. A-wut unzipped my shorts and lowered my underwear and teased my hard cock. With the help of Virote and Weera holding me down, A-wut placed a cock ring around my cock and my balls which made my 15 cm hard cock throbbing and started leaking precums. He then tuck my throbbing cock back in the underwear and zipped up my shorts without giving me any more satisfaction in my aroused state.

They continued to play me. Weera took another white handkerchief and blindfolded me. Then, my shirt was unbuttoned and my nipples were pinched. I tried to move away but I was held down. Then, I was saved by the drum roll and the announcement of the SM show. Or, was I?

Chapter 10 

They picked me up and helped me to stand up. I felt a noose was put around my neck and I was being pulled by it. Some hands were pushing me. I was roughly pulled and pushed into the bar and I heard loud applause of clapping. I was pulled to a spot until I heard a wolf whistle over my head and hands were all over me grapping my shirts, my cock over my shorts, and pinching my nipples. I guessed it was free sampling time.

Next, I was carried by someone over his shoulder. I guessed it was Virote because it smelled like him and he was the strongest. Up on the stage, I was teased and bullied by the three at the beginning of the SM show. Bound, gagged and blindfolded, I was at their mercy. They pushed me around, pinched my nipples, kicked my balls and cock that made me squatted down in pain, and they pulled the noose that made me choked and made me stood up again. The sadistic patrons applauded.

I was disorientated and getting tired. I squatted down again. Then, I felt someone over me. He removed the noose and untied my hands. My arms were relieved for a moment and they were grabbed to position above my head. My wrists were tied up again with many winding of thick ropes. Next, I was pulled up by my bound wrists until I was standing on the tip of my shoes. It was a strenuous position.

I heard the applause from the patrons when they are invited on stage to touch me for a tip. I was fondled and groped all over. Then, I heard that whacking sound on the stage floor and I knew I was going to be smacked again. The whacking was bearable. It was my aching shoulders that were unbearable.

After that event, a patron was invited to strip me for a tip. My shorts were unzipped and pulled down followed by my underwear. There were lot of wolf whistles and cheers from the patrons when my underwear was pulled down and my throbbing cock sprang out while I struggled to hold myself in that tiring position.

Next, the patrons are invited on the stage to whack my naked butt for a tip. After that, they lowered me and ordered me to kneel. I was happy to kneel as I was tired. My arms were still hanging over my head. My blindfold and my gag were removed. I saw the cute Weera right in front of me. He was dancing and he stripped off his blue shorts and white underwear to the rhythm of the music professionally. That sent the crowd cheering with lot of wolf whistles. He stood in front of me and ordered me to suck his cock. I was happy to suck cute Weera as I had enjoyed his sexy strip show which was performed right in front of my face. The crowd liked it as I buried my face in between Weera’s thighs.

Next, Weera made the crowd cheered even more by carrying me up and shoved his hard cock in my hole with the help of A-wut and Virote pulling me up by the rope. I was half hanging by the rope and half carried by Weera. The patrons clapped as Weera did a 360 degrees turn as he fucked me without breaking a rhythm. While I was enjoying the fuck, I tried to hide my face using Weera’s muscular body.

Then, he challenged Virote to do better which made the crowd clapped for him. The crowd cheered Virote on. Virote said something to A-wut. And, A-wut came over to untied me and removed my socks and shoes. I was left standing in the middle of the stage naked only wearing my unbuttoned shirt and a cock ring.

Luckily the spotlight was on Virote. With cheering from the patrons, Virote danced and unbuttoned his shirt and removed his shorts and underwear. On seeing that, the crowd cheered loudly. Without any helps, Virote lifted me by my butt in one quick action and his cock was already shoved in my hole. They were really professional.

Instinctively, I hooked my ankles behind his back and hung my body over him and placed my arms over his shoulders for support. Virote continued to fuck me while carrying me around the stage to show off to the patrons while they continued to clap for him. I enjoyed his fuck and his warm body and his scent at the same time.

Virote did even better. He started to move down the stage and he moved to all the front row patrons and up the aisles with A-wut following him carrying the tip box. Virote continued to move his hips to plough my hole while A-wut was busy collecting tips from the seated patrons. I enjoyed it as his cock was thick. In that position, it was pleasurable because it was good for massaging my prostate and the penetration was not too deep inside my hole. I hided my face in Virote’s muscular body the whole time while he was fucking me.

After that event was over, I was placed on a mattress that was laid on the stage and I was ordered by Weera to be on all fours. My wrists were again tied together by Weera and he cleave gagged me by pulling the white handkerchief between my teeth. I was not blindfolded. With that, the curtain closed on me. Weera was also behind the curtain and he ordered me to stay in that position and not move. I was submissively obedient as I was contented being fucked by the two hunks. I willingly submitted to them and be their slave and obey their orders.

On all four with my wrists bound together, I rocked my hips to feel the weight of my hard cock. The cock ring kept my cock full and hard which I like to stroke so much but I was not allow to. Weera was keeping an eye on me the whole time. Other than displaying my ass, I looked at the go go boys dancing on the other side of the curtain and was good to look at because I had nothing to do. But not for long, Virote guided a patron toward me. As in the night before, Weera helped the patron to put on a condom and A-wut collected the tip. The Japanese looking man came behind me and fucked me in doggy style while I moaned through my gag. I understood my place as Pa’s sex slave and let anyone used my hole for Pa’s earning. After three more patrons, no one came. Weera allowed me to lie on the mattress to rest until the bar closed. I was stroking my cock in the dark when A-wut came to untie me and removed my gag. He warned me and I obediently listened to him. While he was showering me, he removed the cock ring for me. That helped to relieve the pressure built up in my dick. I was still semi hard until I saw Pa at the pantry. He warned me again with his stare.

We had supper before we sleep. I was tired. A-wut and I slept naked on the couch.

When I opened my eyes the following day, I found A-wut gazing at me. We lay on the couch without knowing that Pa came into the gym room. He was holding a chicken drumstick over our faces. Pa ordered us to get up and go to the pantry and eat.

After eating, A-wut cleared the table and we showered in the open air shower point at the backyard while Pa looked on. I enjoyed the open air shower very much and did not care I was watched.

We were so happy that Pa gave us free time to go out in the afternoon. But before leaving Pa’s sight, he locked my dick in the metal chastity again. A-wut lent me his shorts and t-shirt for me to wear.

On our way back, A-wut brought me to the barber shop again. It was Pa’s order to cut my hair to army recruit style. It was so short and my hairs were about one millimeter.

At the bar entrance, Pa inspected my head. He was happy and gave a key to A-wut to unlock my chastity device. A-wut douched my hole and washed me and prepared me for the night SM show. It seemed that it was his duty to make sure that Pa’s slave toy (me) was cleansed inside and outside. He dressed me in black underwear, black socks, and green camouflage army uniform and completed with black army boots. While he and the gang wore black underwear, black socks, black muscle t-shirt, black slacks and completed with black army boots and black ski mask. The three hunks looked good in black.

Suddenly, they pinned me down on the floor and handcuffed my hands together behind my back. It did give me a scare but I knew that they were playing. They continued to hold me down while I was cleave gagged by a black cloth between my teeth. Another black cloth was used to blindfold me. A cloth hood was put over my head. Dazed and breathing heavily, I was held up while I heard the Velcro tape being adjusted and I felt it fastened around my neck.

I felt a hand grabbed my hard cock over my army slack. Being captured made my cock hard instantly. Then, I heard laughter from them while I tried to orientate myself. I could not see anything with the blindfold and the hood over my head. The metal handcuffs were very effective in keeping me bound. They continued to tease me. Someone beat my balls and making me groaned. Then, someone covered my nose and mouth over the hood with a hand making me fighting for my breath. They started to push me when I took one step at a time slowly because I feared I might fall.

Nothing happened next. I guessed we were waiting for our cue. When the announcement of the SM show was heard, I was being pushed again. As usual, I heard clapping when I was being roughly manhandled to parade along the aisle at the front row of the seated patrons. As usual, I was groped by many hands. My hard cock got the most attention. Then, we went up the stage. I was made to kneel down. When my hood was removed, I heard applause from the patrons. I guessed they were excited that a prisoner of war was captured and presented for their abused.

Next, I was pulled up roughly and my handcuffs were unlocked but my hands were cuffed again over my head to something. Then, they spread my legs apart and attached something that kept my legs apart.

They started to beat me with the Polyfoam stick which made loud whacking sound but delivered little pain. The patrons cheered on. As usual, for the sake of earning more tips, patrons were invited on stage to whack me.

After that event was over, they unbuttoned my uniform top and bottom. My army uniform slacks had button fly. My army slacks were lowered to my thighs exposing my underwear. Again, patrons were invited on stage to whack my hard cock over my underwear for a tip.

Next, my underwear was also lowered and my hard cock sprang out which induced lot of wolf whistles from the patrons. My hard cock and balls were tied up with some strings or thin ropes which made me moaned through my cleave gag. More applause from the patrons was heard. They were sadistic! My hard cock was teased and slapped. Patrons were invited on stage to fondle my hard cock, slap my cock, slap my balls, caress any parts of my body, and to pinch my nipples to earn more tips.

Next, my arms were lowered and I was helped to lie on a mattress. For a moment, I thought I could rest. But then, my legs were raised until I was resting on my head and shoulder blades. My arms were placed on the floor over my head and my cuffed wrists were fastened to something on the floor.

I felt my army slacks removed in one quick instant that made the patrons cheered. The patrons went wild with loud applause when my underwear was torn and ripped off by force leaving my tied 15 cm hard cock dangling upside down.

I felt a hand caressing my exposed ass as my legs were spread wide apart. I felt a hand teasing my tied hard cock. Lotion was applied to my hard cock making me very aroused. I moaned and thrust my hip wanting to cum but the hand moved away before I could shoot my cums leaving me very horny. I struggled but I could not move my arms or legs. I wiggled my hips and that was it.

Suddenly, there was a sting of heat on my hard cock that made me screamed through my gag. Then, there was another and another attack of hot liquid dropping on my hard cock and balls. But my screams were almost drowned by the patrons’ applause. I wiggled my body trying to escape the hot liquid landing on my cock but it was no use. No matter how much I tried, the hot liquid continued to rain on my body, my cock and balls. From the noises they made, I could tell that the patrons loved it.

Again, patrons were invited on stage to torture me. It was hot wax! I heard it from the announcement by the bar host. Patrons were invited to drip hot wax on any part of my body for a tip.

After that event, my blindfold and gag were removed. Weera removed the black cloths and proceeded to remove the solidified wax from my body and he used the black cloth to wipe my body clean. The wax came off easily from my well-lotioned body. My tied cock was still hard.

I looked around and I saw A-wut came over and he kissed me which excited the crowd and I heard many wolf whistles from the patrons.

Then, Weera applied an assload of cold lubricant on my ass and even pumped some into my hole. I saw on my side that Virote was holding a thick shiny chain. He moved toward me and started to drop the chain inside my hole. As my hole was pointing up, the heavy chain went in my well-lubed hole easily with the help of Virote’s finger pushing it. I was beginning to feel the weight of the chain inside me. The patrons clapped loudly and cheered on. After most of the chain was inside my hole, Virote slowly pulled the chain out of my hole. The patrons applauded. My hole enjoyed the chain. But I was scared when I saw Virote holding a black Baller Anal Beads by the ring handle because it had five impressively sized spheres. As Virote got in position to insert the bead, Weera came over me and stuffed my torn black underwear in my mouth of my shocked face. He then secured it with the black cloth making sure that the underwear stayed in my mouth and I was not able to spit it out.

I screamed into my underwear gag as Virote inserted the first bead into my hole. It felt like it was tearing my hole apart. Virote waited for the patrons’ applause and cheer before inserting the next bead which was good for me. It gave me a moment for the pain to subside. One by one, the crowd cheered Virote on to insert the bead. After the fourth bead was inserted, Virote tried to push the last bead in my hole. I shook my head in pain. Virote stopped. The crowd was disappointed but was cheering again when the bar host invited patrons to pull out the anal bead for a tip. It made me moaned loudly through the gag as it actually felt good. Then, I was alarmed when a patron was invited to insert the beads for a tip. I screamed into the gag when each bead was inserted. Luckily, Virote stopped the patron after the fourth bead. My hole was really abused.

After the anal bead event, it was fucking time. Only Weera fucked me along with the patrons cheering and clapping as the curtain closed. I guessed it was time to end the one-hour SM show and time for earning more money for PA when paying patrons took turns to use me.

Chapter 11 

I was a gagged prisoner of war for sexual abuses. My hands were cuffed over my head and pad locked to the stage floor. My legs were securely spread and raised up to a level where my ass was easily fucked. My feet were still in black army boots. My exposed smooth and hairless cock was tied by strings to keep it presentably hard and full. I was naked except for my unbuttoned army top. The patrons liked it. In the midst of the patrons, three Caucasians seemed to be servicemen because they had the same haircut as me. They took turns abusing my hole with their thick and long cocks. The bound and gagged me could only groaned through my underwear that was stuffed in my mouth. I was reduced to just a hole. I did not have a thought. Only my hole felt something thick ploughing it. After one hour of hole abused, the bar closed and the music stopped playing. It was quiet. Only occasion voices from the go go boys were heard leaving the bar.

Bound and gagged, I was exhausted. Even my hole had enough. There was only one thing in my mind. I was waiting for A-wut for my expected release and for him to shower me and rest. But I saw Virote coming my way instead. I was astounded that instead of releasing me, he tied another black cloth over my gagged mouth to doubly secure the underwear gag in my mouth. I gazed at him looking puzzled and shocked but my head was soon covered by the black cloth prisoner hood. It was totally unexpected. Then, the unexpected abuses began. My nipples were pinched. I was tortured by a hand that covered my nose and gagged mouth to make me fight for my breath. Then, I felt a hard cock shoved into my hole and fucked me. While I was being fucked, the hand moved away from my face. My legs restraints were also removed and my legs were held and supported by the person who was fucking me. I was too exhausted to struggle as I had used up all my energy struggling when the three Caucasians fucked me.

After my rapist was done, he dropped my booted legs on the mattress and pulled his cock out and left. I was left alone on the stage lying on the mattress with my wrists cuffed and fastened to the floor over my hooded head. My cock and balls were still tied. I was naked other than the unbuttoned army top and black army boots.

There was not a sound. I guessed everyone had left. I lay still and rested and I was wondering… Where was A-wut? I dozed off.

Suddenly, I woke up from a nightmare. I dreamed that I was tied up naked and my dick and balls were cut off. It was very scary. I panicked as it was dark. I could not see a thing being hooded. I wanted to see my dick and balls. But someone was holding down my legs by the back of my knees and he was fucking me. My hole was being ploughed forcefully. When it was over, I was left alone by myself after my second rapist left.

Slowly, I gathered my thought. I found that I was still in the same bound state. I managed to undo the Velcro tape of the prisoner cloth hood with my fingers and pulled it off my head. I pulled down the double black cloth gags and spitted the underwear out of my mouth. I was free except for my wrists. I saw my wrists were still cuffed in the metal handcuffs and the chain was pad locked to the floor. I found my dick and balls were still there and tied up by strings. Cums was leaking out of my hole as I was moving a lot. It leaked more when I squatted and tried to bring my tied cock and balls to my cuffed hands. The leaking cums from my hole were still warm. In my stupor state, I was trying to reach for my cock and to stroke it. But my wrists was cuffed and fastened to the floor and I could not reach my hard cock. It was frustrating. All I was thinking was I wanted to hold my cock in my hands. My horniness was back! My cock was in charge! I was aroused because of my own struggling in my bond.

I wanted to cum. With one sole objective of my life, I lay on my side and curled my body until my cock reached my cuffed hands. Finally, I managed to hold my hard cock with my cuffed hands. I stroked my hard cock clumsily and try to make myself feel good. That was all that was in my mind. It did not take me a long time and I was getting close to cumming. Suddenly, I was shocked when someone flipped me over to lie on my back forcefully and disrupted my jerk off. I looked up dazedly and I saw a few go go boys standing around me. They were all fully clothed. In my bond state, I felt embarrassed being the only naked guy with my tied 15 cm hard cock pointing at them. I recognized the boys. They had been eyeing on me since the first day.

They seemed to come back from some party or clubbing and were drunk. I could smell strong alcohol in the air. One boy was holding a beer and he inserted the beer bottle in my hole and shook the bottle making the remaining beer flowed into my hole while a few boys grabbed me and held me still and making my ass pointed up. I tried to struggle and wiggle away but it was hopeless as there were so many hands on me.

They started to strip themselves naked. One boy sat on me while I was held down. He sat on my bound 15 cm hard cock with his ass. His hole totally swallowed my cock way down to my balls and he started to rock his hips. His hole was fucking my cock! It caused me some pains as my cock head was sensitive because my cock was not used to fucking a hole.

While the bottom boy was grinding his ass on me and started to have a good time ridding my cock, I felt a hard cock rubbing the underside of my cock. It made me almost wanted to cum that instant but my sensitive cock head was also painful due to the sudden rough attention. My urge to cum subsided.

The bottom boy was double fucked! He was very aroused and high. I was also getting aroused. I was getting to enjoy it because the top boy’s cock continued to rub my cock as it slid on my cock while fucking the bottom boy.

All of a sudden, Pa’s face came into my mind. I was afraid Pa would punish me if I cummed. I tried to protest. I softly murmured, “myy… myyy…” (It means no.) One boy took the black underwear and stuffed it in my mouth. Two other boys helped and tied the black cloth over the underwear gag making me unable to protest vocally. I was gagged again.

Being manhandled and gagged aroused me more especially when my hands were already bound. The rubbing on my cock while the top boy was fucking the bottom boy’s hole made my cock wanted to shoot my juices. I tried to resist cumming. It was difficult because my cock actually felt good inside the bottom boy’s hole with another ploughing cock.

I was successful in not cumming only for a short time until a beer bottle was inserted in my hole again and it started to fuck my hole. I was beginning to feel warm in my face and tipsy from the beer that was forced into my hole. I lost it after more ploughing of my hole by the bottle; I shot and shot cums inside the bottom boy’s hole uncontrollably. I felt the top boy’s cock slid on my cock faster in speed and I felt his warm cums flooded around my cock as the top boy’s cock shot his warm juices. At that same time, the bottom boy also shot his load of warm cums all over my body and my face. As the bottom boy shot his cums, I could feel his hole powerfully grabbed both of our cocks.

There was so much moaning that it made the other boys wanted to have their turns with me. The bottom boy and the top boy moved away to make way for the other boys to fuck my hole. I was not horny any more. My hole was tight but they liked it. They did not care. The first boy scooped up the cums on my body with his fingers and used it as lube and jammed his hard cock in my tight hole and fucked away while the others held my legs wide apart. He pounded my ass rough and hard. I was helplessly raped and I groaned a lot which seemed to turn on my rapist.

They took turns and used my hole anyway and cummed inside my hole. The louder I groaned through my gag the wilder they behaved. The last boy exhausted all his energy fucking me wildly and fell asleep on me after he shot his cums in my hole and his hard cock was still inside my hole.

Then, I saw Virote came and pulled the boy off me. I could feel the boy’s cock pulling out of my tight hole. My hole was sore. Virote unlocked the pad lock, and released me and carried me to the gym room. My wrists were still cuffed. He placed me on the couch with a fully clothed A-wut who was dead drunk and was sleeping like a log. I removed my gag. I tried to untie my dick and balls with my cuffed hands but was not able to figure out the knots in the dark. I was too exhausted to bother with it any more. I was also feeling tipsy from the beer in my hole. I dozed off.

I was wakened up by someone fucking my hole. I felt horny and aroused again. I caressed my smooth body with my cuffed hands. I fondled my nipples. I caressed my abs and my skinny hips and my pubes. It was smooth. There was nothing. There were no hairs. There were no dick and balls! I jumped up in shock to check and I realized it was only a nightmare. My dick and balls were still tied up by strings. My hands were still cuffed.

I found myself alone on the couch. I looked around. There was no one in the gym room. Then, I saw Pa. He unlocked my handcuffs and placed a locker key in my hand. It was locker number 23. I opened the locker and to my surprise I found all my belongings in it.

It was Monday. The bar closed on Monday. No one was in the bar except Pa who lived upstairs. After cleanup, I dressed up and bided Pa goodbye. Before I left, I did try to find out where A-wut was but there was a communication problem due to languages.

On my way out, I tried to call Master Chuachai but there was no answer. I wanted to visit Aat and the gang but I did not know the way to the village. I gave up and took a taxi to a hotel. I rested on the soft and comfortable queen size bed in the hotel room until it was time to fly back home the following day. A handsome business class air steward presented me a complimentary slice of chocolate cake and a small birthday card on my flight home. That ended another wild trip with a birthday that I remembered for a long time. Of course, I stole a piece of loincloth from the laundry basket when Pa was upstairs. I was wearing the loincloth on my way home.


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