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Hey everyone, we got a freshly made kinkster here today with us. Kailo, you just began your journey only a few months ago, right? What made you suddenly wanna try out “the dungeon side”?

Kailo: That’s right! This has been my first year in the kink scene.

I have been interested in kink for as long as I can remember. Everyone always seems to have that story where they first noticed a fetish interest even before they ever had a sexual thought in their head. And I am no different!

Since the time I had my first kink experience, it has been like drinking out of a fire hydrant for me.

One of my biggest fetishes is rubber and I think it started for me at a very young age. I used to surf when I was younger, and still do when I can, but I was always interested in wearing a wetsuit and loved looking at other boys wearing them. As I got more into surfing I asked for my first wetsuit for Christmas the one year. I was in my teens then, and to this day I think it was the best Christmas present I ever received! I couldn’t run upstairs fast enough to try it on and I fell in love at that moment. It became sexual for me in my teen years and I would put on the suit and would play with myself through the rubber whenever I could. I loved the look, feel, and smell of neoprene and still do to this day!

That love of tight rubber never left me and kind of opened the door to other fetishes that existed. Not all too long ago I was the person who would watch scenes online, wishing I was the sub in the scene being tied up, played with, locked in rubber, etc. I basically just got to the point of instead saying “I wish that was me!” to… “Why couldn’t that be me?” I didn’t want to look back years later wishing I tried but never did. Regret is a powerful thing!

This year was kind of an awakening for me. I built up the courage to have my first kink scene. And at the same time, I was in the middle of my coming out process. I knew I was interested in kink and knew I was gay for awhile but held both back for so long. In a lot of ways, I think they both helped me feel comfortable with the other and it has made for quite a year.

Since the time I had my first kink experience, it has been like drinking out of a fire hydrant for me. I absolutely loved my first experience (thanks myfroghashat) and haven’t looked back since. I had so many things I wanted to try and it brought me deeper and deeper into exploring my kinks!
Oh he was your first experience? We presented him in an interview here not that long ago. You had a pro to start out with then 😉  how was the sensation of getting tied up for the first time? Of not being able to move and the feel the rope?

I kind of lucked out! Once I had made that decision that I wanted to meet with someone for a kink scene, I found Recon. I have heard mixed reviews about Recon, but for me it has been an amazing app that has opened so many doors to meet with some amazing people!

It just so happened that Myfroghashat was living in same city as me at the time and from his pictures I could tell he was a true professional. I had no experience, he looked crazy experienced, and I thought it was great intro for me to start my kink journey. I gravitated towards that experience.

For me, so much of the kink scene is built on trust and as someone who didn’t know anything or anyone in the scene it was an intimidating leap to take. When you think about explaining it to someone who is unfamiliar with kink and tell them that you are going to meet with someone you have never met and have them tie you up so you can’t get out, it seems crazy!

Being bound naked in rope is primal. You can’t hide. You feel completely exposed.

Fast forward to the first night I met with him, and I was nervously excited. I had wanted this for so long but didn’t know what to expect. I was a complete rookie! After some chatting, we covered the basics of what was okay and not okay and then we got started. I stripped naked and stood there anxiously waiting for the process to start.

I was hard the second he started. Everything I had dreamed about up until that moment was actually happening. I absolutely love bondage, not just the feeling of being tied, but the whole act of bondage itself. It turns me on as the rope or restraints tighten and little by little I lose my ability to move. To me, rope has a certain vulnerability aspect to it. Being bound naked in rope is primal. You can’t hide behind rubber, leather, tape, etc. You feel completely exposed and that vulnerability is what led me to my other favorite kink, restrictive bondage.

Myfroghashat does incredible work! It took close to 45 minutes to get fully bound and then we started having fun. I should also mention at this point that I hadn’t cum in a week in anticipation for this moment. He started to edge me and I am not kidding when I tell you I came in less than a minute :joy:. So here I was completely bound, just started my first kink scene and I blew my load almost immediately. It happens I guess but as any true professional would he started on #2!

I have grown a lot as a sub since then but I won’t ever forget my first kink experience. It was like having sex for the first time again and I still get that same feeling after everything new I try.

Haha just showed how much you wanted it 😉 and you still were able to continue the fun after all. What did you try out after? Where did your now unleashed kink mind lead you to next?

After that experience, the flood gates opened and I knew I wanted more. I often travel a lot for work so I am usually all over the country in a given year and I started combining work and kink trips. I would hop on Recon, search where I was going and would try to schedule a meeting during my free time. In addition to that, I had been speaking with a few kinksters on Recon and planned trips of my own when I could.

I found myself in Dallas where I met with a guy who loved edging. This scene is a story in and of itself but I was basically bound for 13 hours and edged for 7+ of those hours. It was an incredibly intense experience that was both wildly pleasurable but also insanely torturous.

I was beyond excited when he invited me to come out.

I next found myself in Toronto, taking my kink experiences semi-international. I planned to met with a kinky couple and stay with them for a weekend of fun. When I arrived I was basically their live-in rubber puppy for three days. We were in and out of bondage scenes that whole weekend, they controlled the keys to my chastity, we went to a rubber event, played board games in rubber, and they even tied me up on their boat. They are amazing people and still really good friends.

I went to Toronto in October and then the following weekend I had the opportunity to visit someone I had been following for so long – TheShackler. For years I had been following kink accounts on (the website that shall not be named) and I created a list of “Kinksters I Want to Visit.” TheShackler was on that list and I was beyond excited when he invited me to come out and stay for a few days. Up until that point I hadn’t been in a playroom yet and WOW what a first one to experience! He has more gear and equipment than most kink shops. I tried suspension bondage, group bondage scenes with his boys, the most restrictive bondage I have been in to date, and so much more. He is one of the nicest people I have met and his boys are the same! I will be going back very shortly : )

After those trips I stayed semi-local and met with kinksters in NY, PA, and DC.

Considering I only started this journey in June, I’ve had the opportunity to try so many new things and meet so many great people! It has been really fun!

I’d certainly say so. You’ve really embraced the kinkster lifestyle 😉 I am interested, you really seem to love bondage. Has that become your main thing? And what are you interested to experiment with?

I enjoy bondage of all types and the more restrictive the better.

If I had to choose, bondage and rubber are definitely my main two kinks. I enjoy bondage of all types and the more restrictive the better. And, well, you know of my love of rubber already.

I have recently gotten more into the pup scene. I have done pup play in a few scenes but I haven’t fully embraced the pup lifestyle yet.

In combination with my love of rubber I also want to explore gimp/drone play more.

As a very subby person (although I do vers on occasion), I crave control in a scene and look for someone who not only knows how to control me and my body but also controls what they want me to do to them. I think both pup and gimp play echo this feeing in varying intensities and I want to explore both more.

Some other things I have yet to do but am interested in: gunge play, fisting, fucking machines, more suspension bondage, and long-term chastity.

It takes time but it is something I really want.

I’d really like to find a key holder and, at the right time, a sir/master to collar me. I understand the latter is a big step and comes from a strong relationship and love you have for one another. It takes time but it is something I really want.

Well understanding that already is a big part 🙂 Just out of curiosity. What about pain? Is that a no go for you, something you dislike or just never experienced and are careful about?
Mmmm… yeah pain is not my thing! Light impact play and nipple play is okay but anything mild to heavy ends up just turning me off. It is something I may explore down the road but I’m not ready for that yet.
Very understandable. And considering you just started a few months ago you explored a lot already. Ok last question for today: If you could give some advice to some shy guys who are interested in kink but never tried it out, what would you say to them?

If I could give advice to someone who is looking to explore their kink side, I would say this…

You don’t know what you are missing, or not missing, until you try. I have found most people in the community are very accepting and I can almost guarantee there are many people out there who share your same kinks and interests.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

But, at the end of the day, it is up to you to make that first step. No one can do it for you, but once you do, there are plenty of people who are ready to help you through your journey. I made that decision this year, and for me personally, I have loved every minute of it.

Practically, I recommend downloading Recon, build out your profile (share a little bit about yourself and your interests), post a few pictures (non-face picks are okay, just be open to sharing privately), and reach out to say hi. You would be surprised how far a simple “Hey great profile, love your interests” goes.

I have always loved the quote “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” Fear is a chain that holds you back… (wait I’m speaking to kinksters, let’s find a better way to say that 😉)

What I am trying to say is don’t let your fear stop you from experiencing something that you want. Go out and do it!

Got any questions for Kailo? Go ask him on Recon and Twitter.
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