1994 | 178 cm | 67 kg
Adelaide (AU)

The moment I put on my rubber I dont feel like myself at all and I can escape from reality.

Why does rubber fascinate you so much and how did you first come in contact with it?

The one thing that fascinates me about rubber is that it really does seem to turn you into something/someone different. The moment I put on my rubber I dont feel like myself at all and I can escape from reality.

When I was younger I was fascinated with Science fiction and the futuristic costumes that most characters would wear like in Star Wars etc. One PC game for example (which I cant remember the name of) had characters wearing one piece, tight fitting suits and I thought it looked so cool. When I was in my teens I saw a car show on the internet where some women were wearing rubber catsuits. I wondered if they made them for men, after some time searching I found that they did and I was hooked. Some time later (~18) I got my first catsuit, It was cheap, smelt really bad and lasted 3 months but It made me decide that I really like rubber and haven’t stopped wearing it since.

How does it feel when you wear rubber?

It feels great! Whenever I’m shined up a lot I feel that I dont have a care in the world and can escape my worries. Almost like I am a superhero or in a sci-fi movie. However it also feels at the same time that I’m a model or kinky porn star. Doing photo shoots too also makes it feel really special.

What changes for you when you are in rubber?

The main difference I feel the most is that I have a bit more of a “Drive” I no longer feel like I’m vanilla me but “RubberManDan” or BlueRubberPup (my blue pup persona) and that nothing else matters. Of course underneath it all I’m still regular me but I really do feel that sometimes I take on a different personality almost like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

How often / when do you wear it? (As much as possible, only when fucking etc)

Ideally Id like to wear it maybe a couple of times a week depending if I’m busy or not. Any more than that and It wouldn’t feel special to me and I’d get bored of it. I once didn’t wear any rubber for 1 month due to work and I was dying to get back into my suit(s) and escape reality. After that amount of time it just felt so good to be doing something I really enjoy.

How important is it that your play partner is wearing rubber too?

For me it would be quite important. Id hate for my play partner to be freaked out and uncomfortable. I know that for people being exposed to rubber it can be a bit intimidating and scary but if I’m the only one wearing it and they want to go naked that’s also fine.

Does naked sex still attract you? How about when they’re in other gear?

I still do naked sex, I’ve never lost attraction to it and would still always consider it as feeling human skin for me still turns me on. However rubber sex for me feels like naked sex on steroids maybe because I’m wearing a second skin? If both of us were in gear, gas masks, restraints etc I would definitely enjoy it more than naked sex.

What makes playing in rubber so attractive? Are there any particular sexual acts that really turn you on in rubber?

All sex acts turn me on but my favorite would still be being able to top someone with both of us rubbered up. Its not just the rubber but the gear that goes along with it. My No.1 accessory would definitely be an S10 gas mask along with bicep, wrist and thigh restraints. Blend that all together during a session with some music in the background and I’m good.

What is your hottest rubber experience so far? And do you have any fantasies that you have yet to live out?

My hottest experience to date would definitely being suited up as a blue rubber pup while topping my play partner who was also gimped up with poppers. I still have quite a few fantasies that I would like to live out. But my top 1 would be restrained from the ceiling while a Venus 2000 was on my cock which I’m sure a few people would gladly help out 😛


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